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Bluecrop - three-year old seedling
Bluecrop: a well-known and appreciated variety of blueberries - just standard. The bush grows up to 160 - 200 cm (63-78”) high, with a loose shape; it has raised shoots, which bend under the weight of fruit. Dark - green, medium-sized leaves are as long as a lance.
Bluecrop - variety of large fruit
The fruit is large, spherical, slightly flattened, with an intense wax coating, aligned in clusters. The scar after the stalk is small. Clusters are large and loose. The fruit is very tasty, and suitable for both immediate consumption and storage.
Bluecrop - a four-year old seedling
Bluecrop - a two-year old seedling
A variety of the average fruiting season - ripens at the end of July. It is very fruitful and has the smallest soil requirements. Its frost resistance is up to -34 ° C(-29F) and low sensitivity to drought. One of the most valuable varieties of blueberries,it is a good product for both amateur and market cultivation throughout Poland and the rest of the world.
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