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Spartan - seedlings
The bushes are loose and moderately raised. In the first years it grows less, in the next - quite strongly (up to 210cm)( 7ft). Young shoots are thick andrigid with a distinct red color.

Young leaves are large, with a characteristic red color. Fully developed leaves are very large, elliptical and thick. It blooms late; therefore the flowers are not damaged by the May frosts.

This variety offers one of the larger fruits, spherical with intense wax coating, growing on long stalks; clusters with a few fruits are loose, therefore they easily color evenly. Very tasty.!

Spartan - fruit
Growth and crops are dependent on the location. Spartan needs soil rich with rot and high humidity. It grows best in light soils; it is not tolerant to errors in fertilizing.

It is fruitful and ripens earlier than Bluecrop by 4 to 7 days. It has sufficient resistance to frost and the late flowering season protects against getting frozen. This is one of the most valuable varieties for amateur and market planting.

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