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Blueberry high

We offer high quality seedlings in the following varieties: Earliblue, Spartan, Duke, Patriot, Sunrise, Bluejay, Bluecrop, Sierra, Berkeley, Herbert, Bluegold, Brigitta, Chandler, Darrow, Lateblue, Elliot, Elizabeta, Nortland.

These plants can be offered in different age groups:

Krzewy czteroletnie
Four yearsold bushes are 0.7 – 1m (2’4”-3’3”) high. They are planted in 7.5 l(2 gallon) pots. The wholesale price of one seedling is net 3.4 EUR .
Bluecrop - Krzewy trzyletnie
Three years old bushes are 0.7 m (2’ 4”) high. They are planted in 3 l (8/10 gallon) pots. The wholesale price of one seedling is net 1.8 EUR.
Krzewy dwuletnie
Two year old bushes are 0.4m ( I’ 4”)high. They are planted in 1.5 l(3 pint) or 2 l (4 pint)pots. The wholesale price of one seedling is net 1.5 EUR
Krzewy półtoraroczne
One and a half year old bushes are 0.3m (12”) high. They are planted in p9 pots. The wholesale price of one seedling is net 0.95 EUR

Big fruit cranberries:

Żurawina wielkoowocowa
Pilgrim variety, seedlings (2 years old) are planted in containers P9. In the pot there are three rooted plants. 1 seedling’s wholesale price is net 1,0 EUR.

All the seedlings in our nursery are under the control of the State Inspectorate of Plant Protection and Seed. We have all necessary documents to issue certificates of quality for products sold in Poland and abroad.

Customers, who make purchases from us, are offered help and advice in establishing and running nurseries. Our advice is based on long practice.

The presence of per-item pricing does not reflect the current availability of plants.. It is only information about our production capabilities. Each time, please contact us to obtain current information about the possibility of purchasing individual items.

(This document is not an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code )

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