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We would like to present to you our nursery offering for the production of berry crops. Our flagship product is the blueberry high (U.S.). We also produce a low blueberry (Canadian) of the genus Vaccinium, a big fruit cranberry, cowberry, blueberry and also other berries: kamchatka berry, grapes and kiwi. "Our nursery was set up by our Great Grandfather ....; More than 30/50 years ago..." - so the story usually begins. Złota Jagoda is young, but I hope that one day my children and their children's children will say: "Already our Father/Grandfather ....". For now, our garden is our passion and the desire to discover something new.

12 years ago this “something new” was blueberry high. As it likes the forest so an MSc. In forestry also liked the blueberry.

After a period of problems caused by this wonderful plant, there was a start of a harmonious co-operation. Today, thanks to the experience of working with blueberries, we can offer our customers carefully selected shrubs of excellent quality, available in many varieties and all ages. Our bushes have served to start many fruit plantations; they are also much appreciated by farmers.

In our nursery, you can buy plants both wholesale and retail.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the contents of our site.

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